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Cassandra Callahan

Cassandra Callahan, Pastry Chef

Casey, originally from Scranton, PA, graduated from the Restaurant School of Philadelphia in 1999. She baked and plated her way around the city at local restaurants and hotels, honing her skills and developing her own personal style of baking.

In 2001 Casey settled in Harrisburg with husband Brian and began her career at the Hilton Harrisburg as the hotels first Pastry Chef. Casey began developing menus and training the bakery staff that would, in a few years, be the starting lineup of Ciao! Bakery. She found her home in 2006 with the opening of Ciao! Bakery, where she puts her personal touch into every dessert that leaves the shop, as well as the plated desserts in Bricco, and desserts for the various wholesale customers she serves.

Casey’s baking skills and management techniques have continued to grow throughout the years. In January 2011 she was asked to take on the management responsibility for Ciao! Bakery’s brother shop, Olewines Meat and Cheese House.

Casey made her life even sweeter in 2009 when she and her husband started a family. Now the proud mother of two young children will always have a built in tasting kitchen at home with two unbiased critics.

Nick DiFrancesco, Restaurant Manager

Growing up in the Harrisburg area, Nick spent most of his professional life learning the craft of hospitality. From humble beginnings in a popular ice cream chain, Nick had the privilege of knowing what he wanted to do with his life long before most. Taking advantage of many job opportunities in different restaurants and hotels he worked his way through any and every job one might encounter in a restaurant.

With a desire to turn his part time job into a full time career Nick attended the Pennsylvania State University pursuing a degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional management. During school he had to opportunity to intern at both the Hilton Harrisburg and Hotel Hershey. After graduation he spent time in the food and beverage department at the Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor as the Assistant Food and Beverage Operations Manager before returning home to take over front of house operations at Bricco. Viewing hospitality as the corner stone of any community, Nick is proud to offer his take on service to the Harrisburg area.