Tasting Rooms: The New Fine Dining Experience

By Bricco Posted on October 27th, 2015

What’s the newest way to enjoy fine dining at its best? A dinner tasting menu.

Often called a chef’s tasting menu, a tasting menu gives you the opportunity to experience a carefully organized collection of new and chef-favorite dishes. Learn more about this exciting new way to go on a culinary excursion!

Why Chef’s Tasting Menus Are Gaining in Popularity

Multiple course meal tastings are becoming more popular everywhere, particularly in more urban areas. People are finding that the culinary arts are a form of art that deserves to be appreciated. And at a tasting room restaurant, you can:

  • Experience a variety of tastes — A chef’s tasting menu is a sampling of dishes that the chef personally chooses to showcase. The dishes not only show the chef’s skills, they define what makes the restaurant unique. The best multiple course meals create a culinary story, where one plate plays off the next for a well-rounded dining experience you won’t forget.
  • Discover new favorite dishes — When you dine out, you might often choose a “safe” dish that has ingredients you’re familiar with. While this may ensure a positive dining experience, it doesn’t broaden your horizons. A dinner tasting menu gives you the opportunity to fall in love with new flavors you haven’t tried before.
  • Perfect wine pairings — Wine can vastly alter your dining experience. When you choose to do a tasting, you get the added benefit of professionally recommended wine pairings that will bring out the flavors of your food.
  • Get inspiration for an upcoming celebration —Whether you have a wedding reception or work-related dinner coming up, try different samplings of dishes so you can determine what your guests will enjoy.


The Best Tasting Room Restaurants

When you’re planning your next dinner tasting experience, you want to find a tasting room restaurant that offers:

  • A private tasting room — For an intimate dinner that focuses on the flavors, choose a private tasting room. With a private tasting room, you’ll enjoy a unique setting and personalized service.
  • Innovative dishes — The point of the tasting room is to experience dishes you might not otherwise have the opportunity to taste. The best tasting room restaurants offer inspired dishes you won’t find anywhere else for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.
  • Locally sourced, fresh ingredients — A tasting menu should highlight local ingredients at the peak of their freshness. The best tastings incorporate locally sourced ingredients to bring a vibrant, local flavor.


The Most Innovative Tasting Menu in Harrisburg

Bricco’s chef designs our tasting menu based on local ingredients that capture the senses and transport you to the Mediterranean. Take a culinary journey in our private tasting room, Table at Bricco, that tells a story you won’t soon forget.

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