Six Seasonal Cocktails That Will Spice Up Your Winter

By Bricco Posted on November 30th, 2015

Six Seasonal Cocktails That Will Spice Up Your Winter


’Tis the season for festive cocktails. Long gone are the fruity flavors of summer, as bartenders experiment with concoctions that are sure to warm you up during the long southcentral Pennsylvania winter. Look for bold red wines, tart cranberries and spiced drinks on the menu this time of year. Not sure what to order? Try one of these recommendations the next time you’re out on the town:

  1. Irish Coffee

This is like your morning cup of Joe’s older brother that’s sure to keep you from fading before last call. Your bartender will add a shot of Irish whiskey (or possibly Bailey’s or Kahlua) to hot coffee before topping it with whipped heavy cream. Savor it with dessert before stepping back out into the cold.

  1. Seasonal Sangria

While your mind might wander to fresh berries and peaches when you envision sangria, bartenders can craft unique recipes that make this cocktail-hour favorite perfect for winter. Flavors of honey and cinnamon complement blood oranges, tart apples and pears. Other recipes might feature pomegranates and clementines, so ask your server what’s on special.

  1. Champagne Cocktail

Even if you’re not counting down until midnight, a little bit of bubbly can be the perfect seasonal sip. Champagne on its own is divine, but many bartenders are using it as a base for cocktails. In the summertime, you might see champagne featuring fresh strawberry puree, but in the winter, you can find bubbly brimming in glasses with tart cranberries and grapefruit juice.

  1. Vodka and Soda

If Russians can make it through the winter, you can handle a few months of chilly weather in southcentral Pennsylvania. Put a twist on the classic vodka-soda cocktail by embracing the citrus flavors of the season. Ask for orange-flavored vodka and a splash of orange liqueur to add some festive flavor your club soda.

  1. Eggnog Martini

Winter seems to be the one time a year when it’s perfectly acceptable to drink raw eggs. Even if you’re not a fan of traditional hot eggnog, you can certainly appreciate the sweet taste of nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice and brandy in a fun martini that’s shaken with ice before serving. Yum!

  1. Red Wine

When all else fails, you can never go wrong with wine. If you’re overwhelmed by fancy seasonal cocktail menus, sometimes the best choice is the simplest one. Winter calls for bold red wines with hints of chocolate, plum, blackberry, pepper and clove. Bricco features an extensive wine list that’s ideal for everyone, regardless of your taste. Just ask your server for the perfect seasonal recommendation! And remember to celebrate responsibly with Bricco all season long.

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