What’s for Dinner? New Dishes Shine on Summer Menu

By Bricco Posted on July 22nd, 2016

While many of our regular diners have their favorites on the menu, we try to keep things as fresh as our ingredients by introducing new dishes each season. Summer offers so many new ingredients for our menu. From sweet tomatoes to delicious corn on the cob, we try to incorporate this local produce into our recipes whenever we can. The result, thankfully, is always delicious.

Next time you’re at Bricco, step outside your dinner comfort zone to try one of these Summer 2016 specials!

Quattro Fungo with Pickled Onions & Cider Vinegar Pearls. At Bricco, we believe small plates should pack big flavor. This new vegetarian dish is no exception to that rule. We combined four types of mushrooms for this Italian classic and then kicked things up a notch with cider vinegar pearls! The texture is similar to the Popping Boba you find at frozen yogurt shops, but with a delicious sour taste to balance out our sweet pickled onions.bricco ceci fritto

Ceci Fritto with a Honey Ginger Vinaigrette. Fried chickpeas sound so much less exotic than the Italian Ceci Fritto. These addicting, poppable delights are made even better with a housemade vinaigrette. While small plates can be shared, this might be one you want to keep all to yourself.

Golden Beets with Sea Salt, Camelot Valley Chevre & White Balsamic Dressing. If you thought beets were a winter vegetable, you’ve never tasted a tender, sweet summer beet. This unique golden variety shines with a simple dressing, sea salt and fresh local cheese. The simple vegetarian “spuntini freddi” is the perfect addition to your dinner spread.bricco flat iron steak

Flat Iron Steak, Braised Italian Kale, Kennett Square Mushrooms & Demi Glace. This 8-ounce, local, grass-fed cut of beef can stand on its own, but the addition of a rich brown sauce and hearty sides make it a force to be reckoned with. This might become your go-to dinner order for a night on the town.

Linguine with Clams, Mussels, Tomatoes, Caper Berries & Basil. Mussels and Clams are at the forefront of this light dish that combines local tomatoes, flavorful caper berries and fresh basil. The combination is the perfect accompaniment to our fresh, housemade pasta. The linguine can also be made gluten free at your request.

Cape D’or Salmon with Sweet Corn, Fennel, Leek, Tuscan Potatoes & Preserved Lemon Brown Butter. We can guarantee you’ve never tasted salmon like this before! We start with fresh Nova Scotian salmon from Mechanicsburg-based John Gross & Company, smother it in a rich brown butter sauce and serve it with a medley of seasonal vegetables. Salmon fans will love this creative take on the tender, tasty fish.

Branzino with Local Baby Tomatoes, Beech Mushrooms & Lemon Verbena Broth. With a fish as delicious as branzino, you don’t need to do much. The distinctive taste of the European seabass really stands out in a simple lemon broth when served with fresh vegetables.bricco chicken breast with crab

Chicken Breast with Fresh Beans, Baby Basil & Butter Poached Lump Crab. If you can’t decide if you want chicken or fish, this dish allows you to have both! Rettland Farm pastured chicken is the star of the show, but a supporting cast of lump crab meat and local beans make for an out-of-this-world combination on your dinner plate.

Be sure to check out our full Summer dinner menu here!

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