Six Must-Have Home Bar Accessories

By Bricco Posted on October 12th, 2016

Ready to take your bartending game to the next level? Whether your home bar consists of a stocked fancy cabinet in the dining room or a lone bottle of gin in the pantry, there are some accessories that are worth the investment. Check out these picks from our expert imbibers and be sure to add your additions in the comments!

Proper Glassware

Just like we know certain types of beer need certain types of glasses, not all cocktails are created equal — and none should be served in a red plastic cup. The roundup by Gizmodo is an oldie but a goodie to explain what types of cocktail glasses you should stock up on.
We’re a big fan of The The Cellar glassware set if you’re just getting started.

Shaken, Not Stirred

For drinks that need to be mixed well, nothing quite does the trick like a classic shaker. While kitschy designs can be fun, we prefer investing in a traditional shaker that will stand the test of time. Or, if you need a little help remembering recipes, this cocktail shaker from Target should do the trick.

 Muddle Me This

Who doesn’t love a good mojito? It’s one of our favorite go-to cocktails. However, the difference between a good mojito and a bad one often boils down to how it’s prepared. The mint needs to be muddled and not half-heartedly crushed against the side of your glass with a spoon. Pick up a muddler if this drink is in your repertoire.

Decanter Difference

If you want to class up your bar cart, invest in a decanter. There’s some debate on whether or not decanters are good for wine, as they expose your vino to air and can greatly affect its tannin and alcohol content. But pretty much everyone can agree that a decanter just makes your whiskey look a whole lot cooler.

We like the sleek, simple design of this Nude 34 oz. Arch Whisky Carafe.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Chances are you’re not making cocktails at home enough to be a seasoned pro at eyeballing ingredients. That’s why one of our favorite bar accessories is a jigger. It makes sure your alcohol proportions are always spot on.

Ice, Ice Baby

For most, the key to enjoying whiskey is to make sure it’s cold. The ice melts to slowly dilute the bite and makes the whiskey taste smoother — even if your bottle is on the cheaper side. But, you want your ice to last until the last sip, so big cubes are key. These two-inch square cubes are our top pick, but if you’re a whiskey purist who wants the chill without the water, you can invest in whiskey stones to keep in your freezer.

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