The Sensuous Side of Food That Will Transform Your Valentine’s Day

By Bricco Posted on January 26th, 2017

valentine day salads

Food and romance have been linked for thousands of years. In Ancient Egypt, fennel was seen as an aphrodisiac while in Ancient Rome coriander, strawberries and ginseng were all thought to have powerful romantic properties. In parts of South America, leaf-cutter ants were seen as a romantic wedding gift.

Before you show up at your love’s home on Valentine’s Day with a box of ants, consider the ways that food can continue to seduce. A dinner date is still part of the modern courtship process, and couples will often cook for each other or treat each other to a meal to keep the romance alive.

Food Is Love

Of course, you can go a little further with food by preparing a romantic Valentine’s Day meal for your significant other. Here’s how to make it work:

1) Plan your meal well in advance.

Create a menu, just like chefs do. Take inspiration from websites or recreate romantic meals you’ve had in the past. Planning your menu in advance also lets you decide what ingredients you need to buy and even lets you practice meal preparation if you need to.

2) Think presentation.

Always serve a romantic meal beautifully. That may mean serving Asian dishes on ceramic plates with beautiful polished chopsticks or setting a romantic picnic under the stars.

Some foods are especially well-suited for beautiful presentations. Caviar, for example, is often served in the webbing between the thumb and first finger. Tradition says, that part of the body provides the perfect temperature for the fish eggs. Strawberries and grapes have traditionally been fed to loved ones, making for an unforgettable presentation.

3) Pay attention to the ambiance.

The stage you set is as important as the meal. Soft music, candles, and low lighting can help set up the evening for romance. Carefully consider a playlist and think about how furniture is arranged. Think about whether you want to dine outdoors or inside.

4) Make sure the dishes complement each other.

A truly romantic dinner flows from one dish to another. It doesn’t mean you have to have foods from the same region of the world, but one flavor shouldn’t dominate. Instead, they should blend together well on the tongue. Serving some wine can aid digestion, add to the romance of the meal and can help enhance flavors. Ask for wine recommendations and do your research to make sure the wine complements what you’re serving.

Or Leave it to the Experts

As you can see, creating the perfect romantic meal for Valentine’s Day takes a lot of work. This may be why Casanova focused on romancing and didn’t pursue a more traditional career at the same time. If you want to create a perfect evening for your love but don’t want to show up at the door covered in food and sweating, you can also book reservations for a special Valentine’s Day meal.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to try Bricco.  We’re a member of DiR?NA (Distinguished Restaurants of North America), something only 800 of the millions of restaurants in North America can claim. In addition, we have been named “Best New Restaurant” by Harrisburg Magazine for our wide selection of expertly-crafted and decadent dishes. At Bricco, we combine ambiance, gourmet meals, and romance to create the perfect date for you. Valentine’s Day places sell out, so book your reservation today.



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