Walk in the Park with Ciao and Jump Street!

By Bricco Posted on March 20th, 2017

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Riverfront Park, in our beautiful city of Harrisburg, is known for its view of the river and City Island, as well as its vistas of Blue Mountain.

This month, Bricco’s bakery, Ciao, is hosting a special bagged lunch fundraising event called “Walk in the Park with Ciao and Jump Street.” The best part is all proceeds will go towards Jump Street.

Jump Street supports students and artists of all ages by offering arts, educational, community and economic opportunities. Serving under the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program, Jump Street especially focuses on the arts and on offering workshops and other opportunities to prepare children for their futures and for job opportunities.

How to Take Part

Walk in the Park with Ciao and Jump Street will be held in Riverfront Park on March 30th during lunch hour (11:00-1:00). To take part, just call Ciao  (717- 724-0236) and order your bagged lunch for the fundraiser. You can pick up your fresh lunch on March 30th in Riverfront Park. Pre-order your lunch by calling Ciao any time before March 27th and telling them you’d like to take part in the Walk in the Park with Ciao and Jump Street. You can pre-order your lunch for only $10 with a credit card.

Whether you work in Harrisburg or live anywhere nearby, this is a great time to enjoy lunch in our beautiful park. You can enjoy a prepared lunch and even turn it into a picnic. Bask in the first days of spring and take in the entertainment provided. Walk in the Park with Ciao and Jump Street will give you a chance to add your own artwork to the peace wall, and you’ll be able to enjoy student music from the talented performers at Harrisburg University.

The Lunch

The bagged lunch for Walk in the Park with Ciao and Jump Street is just $10 and includes:

  • A small sandwich (roast beef, turkey or veggie) or salad
  • Chips
  • An apple
  • Macaroni salad
  • A delicious Ciao! shortbread cookie


Pre-order with your credit card today by calling Ciao and telling them which lunch option you would prefer.

Give Back to the Community With Ciao

Arts programs are powerfully important. They encourage early talent, help develop skills, prepare participants for a brighter future and build confidence as well as friendships. The programs at Jump Street make a huge difference in the lives of many students and adults in Harrisburg and beyond. Ciao, Bricco and other local businesses are excited about the programs Jump Street has in place and look forward to supporting this organization on March 30th and in the future!

This March 30th, enjoy a delicious lunch in a beautiful park and help our talented community members explore their love of the arts at the same time.

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