Planning the Perfect Proposal in Harrisburg, PA

By Bricco Posted on April 23rd, 2017

where to propose in harrisburg

If you’re in love and ready to ask the big question, you have many choices for making the moment special. You can take the love of your life for a hike, travel someplace new or ask at home. Many couples, however, choose to propose over a romantic dinner.

For couples living in Harrisburg, Pa, restaurants certainly don’t come with a shortage. In fact, Harrisburg has a variety of casual to upscale restaurant options perfect for any dinner proposal plans!

If you’re imagining the perfect proposal right here in Harrisburg, Pa, there are several reasons why you may want to propose over a dinner at one of our many restaurants:

• It’s an easy excuse to dress up without spoiling the surprise. You’ll also both look your best and be ready for the pictures.

• Someone else takes care of food and ambiance. If you’re about to pop the question, you likely have enough on your plate. Let professional chefs handle the food preparation and the ambiance, leaving you free to focus on the two of you.

• It’s an ideal setting. Even if your future spouse isn’t a foodie, everyone feels a little more romantic after a candle-lit dinner, setting the stage for the important moment.

• You’ll create a special place. Whether you’ve been to a particular restaurant before on a first date or on a subsequent outing, choosing a location that’s significant to your relationship can make a proposal extra intimate and unique. Besides, then it’s easy to return to the same spot for anniversaries and special events, so you can celebrate and remember the big moment.
private dining in harrisburg
Making Your Proposal Special With Private Dining, like the private dining option at the Table at Bricco.

Private dining is the perfect way to get some privacy while still enjoying a professionally prepared meal. If you want a cozy and intimate experience, a private dining room is the perfect way to make the love of your life feel pampered and waited on hand and foot. A private dining room also lets you set up music and even special mementos while enjoying a special menu. You can customize the experience however you’d like.

You can combine a special proposal with a reservation or a private dining experience in a few ways. You might hire a limo or a vintage car and driver to arrive at the restaurant in style. Consider taking your date to the places you have been as a couple before arriving at the restaurant. Whatever you do, use the occasion to create a special event you will remember for a lifetime.

When planning your proposal, be sure to contact the restaurant well ahead of time and book a spot or private dining experience. Let staff know the special occasion and whether it’s a surprise. The team at Bricco can work with you to prepare a special menu and special experience if that is what you choose to do. When you arrive at the restaurant, keep in mind you may want to have a photographer or camera to capture the special moment!

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