Tips for Instagramming Your Food Like a Pro

By Bricco Posted on July 28th, 2017

instagramming food tips
Last month, Tripping, a popular food blog, named Bricco one of the most Instagram-worthy restaurants. It’s a great nod to our entire team and it certainly brought some smiles to faces in the Bricco kitchen.
The reality is that many chefs work hard to create dishes that are not only delicious but offer a feast for all senses, including sight. Some food is just a work of art in and of itself. If you love Instagram and food photos, here are a few tips to capture better pictures of what’s on your plate, no matter what you’re eating:
1) Think arrangement. Take a second to arrange food items, glasses and cutlery to your liking. Move the plate around. Step back and take a look at the staging critically. Could it look better?
instagramming tips for food
2) Focus in on the food with close-ups. Cutting out the table décor and other items lets your followers focus on your meal and its beauty. Restaurant ambience may be stunning, but food shots should be about the food. If you pull focus too much and include more than what you’re eating, you risk distracting the viewer.
3) Take lots and lots of food photos. You’ll get better with practice, develop your own style and learn new techniques. Even when you’ve honed your skills, take several shots of the same dish so you have more options to choose from.
4) Try different angles, lighting and devices. Try shooting with different phones and a camera. A professional camera will give you fine details and stunning photos. Different camera apps will give you a different feel and filters. Try taking pictures of the same meal with different devices to appreciate just what a difference technology makes!
5) Touch up the photo before posting. Download it and use a photo retouching software or an app. This bit of tech can make a huge difference in how your photos look!
6) Tuck your elbows in or use a tripod to keep your device steady. Even with all the technology now available across the devices to take care of blurring, shaky hands can still affect your picture. At the very least, they can throw off your angle and setup.
add water to food to make it shine in pictures
7) Use water or oil for shine. A dab of salad dressing adds shine and a few sprinkles of water in close up look stunning when clinging to fruit.
8) Look before you shoot and be conscious of your photos. What first impressed you about the food? Does a plate of pasta have a perfect curve? Does your plate of oysters have an intriguing texture? Have a goal for what you want to capture with a picture, because that will impact how you snap away. If you want to highlight texture, for example, you might want to go in for a deep zoom. If you want to pinpoint color, you may want to place a piece of food on a contrasting surface to really make it pop.

Ready to start sharing with followers? Grab a camera or phone and make reservations at Bricco to appreciate the culinary beauty awaiting you.

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