Why Bricco Is Still the Best Restaurant in Harrisburg

By Bricco Posted on November 29th, 2017

Foodies in Pennsylvania’s capital have many delicious restaurants to choose from and a variety of fine dining experiences. However, locals and tourists choose to come to Bricco repeatedly when they want delicious food, a wonderful culinary experience, and terrific ambiance.

As one of the best restaurants in Harrisburg, it’s no wonder we’ve been known to captivate the taste buds of visitors from all over the U.S. But what makes Bricco so different from other restaurants in Harrisburg?

farm to table dining in harrisburg

  1. Farm-to-Table Dining 

Farm-to-table dining in Harrisburg is becoming very popular, but Bricco has been committed to this style of eating since its inception. As a farm-to-table restaurant in Harrisburg, Bricco has developed relationships with local businesses to bring local produce right to the table. This has several benefits. First, we’re able to assure diners of the safety and freshness of products, because we know exactly where the food came from. Many diners also enjoy knowing that they’re supporting local small producers when they enjoy a night out.

There are other advantages of farm-to-table dining, too. It ensures we use seasonal ingredients picked at peak freshness instead of flying in ingredients from all over the world. This means our food tastes better because it’s fresher. It also means our cuisine is an eco-friendlier choice since fossil fuels don’t have to be burned to transport it over long distances. And since Bricco partners with organic and eco-friendly local producers, you can be sure dining out doesn’t negatively impact your carbon footprint.

Farm-to-table dining also protects the future of food. By supporting local artisans, farmers, and producers, we’re helping to keep small family farms active and are standing against the centralization of food into huge corporations. This ensures our children will also be able to enjoy tasty food made locally by Pennsylvanians who care about food safety and freshness.


  1. Local Food Selection

Bricco remains a top locally sourced restaurant in Harrisburg. We feel fortunate to live in an area of the country where some of the most wonderful ingredients are harvested. From local cheeses and dairy products from Caputo Brothers Creamery to locally farmed vegetables and fruits from producers such as Rettland Farm, we buy local, organic and non-GMO so you can always eat with confidence and complete satisfaction.

As part of the PA Preferred program, we support Pennsylvania-grown agricultural products. We’re always looking for the freshest and most local ingredients. In fact, Bricco’s Chef Bill Collier has even used mushrooms from his own farm in our dishes.

locally sourced food in harrisburg

  1. Unique and Specially Prepared Dishes

When you’re looking for fine dining in Harrisburg, you want something to wake up your palate, and Bricco delivers. With world-class dishes prepared by hand every day, our team takes being a top gourmet restaurant in Harrisburg very seriously — our fresh dishes are prepared with the utmost skill and care.

At Bricco, you can enjoy antipasti, such as the Caputo Brothers Creamery’s roasted mozzarella crostini, quattro funghi and white truffle oil. Or, try a cheese board with membrillo, fig cake, crostini and Marcona almonds. Try a main meal, as well, such as Butcher’s cut del giorno served with Masser’s Tuscan style potatoes, roasted local vegetables and house made Worcestershire sauce.

Our team is always dreaming up new dishes and changing the menu with the seasons so that you can taste something new at Bricco!

  1. Exceptional Customer Service and Dining

Bricco understands you may be going out to eat for many reasons, and you need a dining experience to reflect them. If you’re heading out for drinks after work, our bar area is perfect. We also have indoor and outdoor dining areas for small and large groups.

If you’re celebrating a special event, our private dining option may be right for you. As a family-friendly restaurant in Harrisburg, we have seating for all members of your party.

No matter why you walk through our doors, you can be sure you’ll get some of the best customer service in the region. Our wait staff is known for going above and beyond to ensure every diner has an exceptional experience, and our attention to detail allows you to have a wonderful lunch or dinner.

  1. Seasonally Changing Dinner and Drink Menu

The best desserts in Harrisburg can be found at Bricco thanks to CIAO bakery, which makes fresh and delicious European-style desserts and pastries. After dining at the best restaurant in Harrisburg and enjoying our current menu, you can look forward to our dessert selections to amaze you.

Chef Bill Collier and his team are also always updating the menu to reflect the seasons. This way, you get the best and freshest flavors for the time of year, including dishes to help you celebrate holidays and meals to commemorate the passing of the seasons. It’s just another reason why we and many others consider Bricco’s menu to offer the best food in Harrisburg, PA.

happy hour specials harrisburg

    1. Best Happy Hour Specials 

    With an array of local Pennsylvania beers, unique cocktails, as well as fresh oysters, cheese boards, and snacks, Bricco delivers the best happy hour in Harrisburg. Come relax with friends and family and let our friendly staff help you choose your next favorite drink.

    Be sure to ask about our unbeatable wine prices and come find out why we’re locally known for our unique pairing of oysters and happy hour specials in Harrisburg. Try a new red or white wine when you visit, and learn about why we’re featuring it in our current happy hour.

    Make your reservation today and find out why Harrisburg continues to fall in love with Bricco as a delicious dining option year after year! Aside from serving-up scrumptious food on your night out, Bricco is also able to cater work events and meetings, intimate wedding receptions, birthday parties, holiday parties and more! Contact our team today to start planning your next catered event 717.745.1531!

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