It’s Time to Set Your “Foodie New Year’s Resolutions” for 2018

By Bricco Posted on December 12th, 2017

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It’s already the last month of 2017, and that means planning for a new and vibrant 2018. Chef Bill Collier and the entire team at Bricco want to wish you the best holiday season and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018. We hope you drop by to celebrate the big wins of the new year with us, and we look forward to your NYE reservations.

Here’s to 2018

You might be planning your New Year’s festivities, but you’re also likely planning ahead for your 2018 resolutions. Of course, one of the most popular goals at this time of year is to get fitter and healthier. If you’re thinking of making changes to how you eat, consider these ideas for resolutions:

  1. Eat Local

Deciding to eat local allows you to get to know where and how your food is produced, so you can make better decisions about what you eat. Eating local also lets you explore the delicious foodie world of Pennsylvania while supporting local businesses. It can be an eco-friendlier choice, too, since less fossil fuel is needed to get your meals to your plate.

  1. Eat Fresh

When you eat local, you tend to eat more seasonally, and this can be a huge health advantage. Eating fresh, whole food that’s in season now can give you the best nutritional benefits because the food is picked closer to its peak and isn’t processed — not to mention, the taste is richer. Food that’s out of season is picked very early because it can take weeks to get to your table. The taste isn’t the same.

If you’re eating processed food, you may also be eating extra salt, sugar and preservatives used to make the products last. Eating fresh and seasonal lets you enjoy healthy and flavorful meals.

  1. Make Meals Exciting

Instead of trying to punish yourself with tiny portions of foods you don’t enjoy, make it a goal to create delicious and healthy meals. It can be done.

Try new ingredients, scour books and websites for recipes that thrill you, or try a cooking class. When foods are new and exciting, you’re more likely to stick to your healthier eating plan.

  1. Enjoy Food

If you’re not eating food that tastes good and that makes you happy, it’s more tempting to revert to takeout or junk food.

  1. Try New Food Events

One way to keep your taste buds enticed is to try out new events. Bricco had several pop-up food events in 2017 and will have more in 2018. Drop by one of our events or one of the many foodie events across Pennsylvania.

You’ll meet like-minded people and walk away with a new appreciation for what can be done with meals. If you’ve never tried private dining, dining al fresco or specific ingredients, make 2018 the year when you soar into new ideas and experiences.

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