The Secret of Italian Cooking

By Bricco Posted on December 12th, 2017

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Italian cooking is known around the world for its amazing flavors, health benefits and delicious tastes. It’s a perennial favorite and inspires many foodies to travel to Europe to taste the flavors for themselves. Research has even shown that a Mediterranean diet, like the one eaten traditionally by Italian families, has heart-healthy benefits as well as a host of other well-documented health advantages.

You don’t have to buy a villa in Naples to enjoy the goodness of this style of eating, though. A few tweaks are all it takes. Just add these ideas to your menus, and you’ll be amazed at how well you eat:

  1. Fresh and Local Is Better

Italian food is based on local, seasonal ingredients, such as olive oil from the local olive groves and pine nuts from the trees in that region. Rather than buying pre-packaged foods and processed items, Italian cooks shop at local markets, buy in season or even pick ingredients right from the earth.

When you cook local and fresh, the flavors are much richer. While Pennsylvania might not have olive trees, we do have entire farmer’s markets of fresh foods to explore. Try incorporating a few of those fresh items into this week’s menu.

  1. The Best Ingredients Matter

In Italy, cooks may travel to another city to pick the best olive oil or may pass down the secrets of the best wild mushroom spots from generation to generation. Wilted produce, older fruits and under-ripened vegetables don’t have a spot on the table. Rather, the attention goes to the starring ingredients such as garlic, basil, pasta, tomatoes and vegetables.

Try looking for the best of everything and really get to know where your food comes from. You’ll be able to taste the difference.

  1. Beauty Is Important

La dolce vita is the idea of a life of pleasure, and that certainly means the sheer joy of eating. Serving food on beautiful plates, outdoors or in beautiful surroundings is part of the culture in Venice and other parts of the country.

  1. Variety Adds “Spice” to Food

There is a range of scrumptious food in Italy, and diners are willing to try a range of items, from different pasta dishes to seafood and mushrooms. Try a new dish or a new twist on your dishes to follow suit.

  1. The People You Dine With Are as Important as What You Eat

Italians often eat in groups, and part of the enjoyment of a meal is the conversation, time spent together and the laughter.

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