Six Resolutions You’ll Want to Make for the New Year

By Bricco Posted on January 26th, 2018

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Each year, many of us make resolutions to live better and healthier lives. Some of the most popular goals at this time of year are to go on a diet, lose weight and get healthier, but these aims can also be some of the hardest to keep. If you want to make a real difference and enjoy more vibrant health this year, though, it doesn’t have to be complicated. These six resolutions will make an impact on how you eat and how you feel:

  1. Try New Foods

Getting some diversity in your diet is good for you, especially if you’re trying new produce or superfoods. And you never know: You just might find great-tasting foods that you enjoy and are packed with vitamins and nutrients.

  1. Enjoy What You Eat

When setting food goals, many people focus on strict rules. They eliminate long lists of food and stick to a tiny number of “allowed” foods that are “healthy.” A strict diet designed to ignore your taste buds is not sustainable, however. If you don’t enjoy what’s on your plate, you’re going to head right back to old habits or even indulge in binging. When you like what you’re eating, and you make healthy choices, you’re more likely to stick with your new plan.

  1. Eat Local

Local foods are delicious and can be less processed. Buying local artisanal cheeses and fresh produce from organic farmers is a smart choice and supports local agriculture.

  1. Find out Where Your Food Comes From

Talk to producers and find out how your foods and favorite dishes are made. Developing an interest in food lets you discern the best quality of everything and can help give you smart tips on how to prepare food at home.

  1. Take Care of Your Mental Health

Be kind to yourself when you seek health. Reward yourself when you make smart food and exercise choices and be generous when you occasionally make a misstep. You can’t punish your way to a better life.

  1. Get Social

Enjoying food in a social setting is great for your mental health and lets you build memories. Special meals shared together are also a great way to build your social network, which can help you enjoy better overall health. Set up a regular date night to try new local restaurants or set up a potluck for sharing favorite dishes.

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