The Foodie Bucket List for 2018

By Bricco Posted on January 29th, 2018

patrons at a pasta making class

If you’re a foodie, you may be excited about everything the new year has to offer. The new year brings with it 12 months of new restaurants to explore, foods to try and experiences to savor. If you want to make this year the year you tempt all your taste buds, try adding these to your bucket list:

  • Take a food class. If you’ve never taken a food or cooking class, now’s the time to sign up. Look for one taught by a chef you admire or check for the more unusual offerings. Today, you can find ingredient-specific classes, knife classes, survivalist fare, vegan courses and more. No matter which one you try, you’ll walk away with some new skills and ideas to try in your home kitchen.


  • Finally learn how to pair drinks and food. Try a wine tour or sign up for a class taught by a sommelier to find ways to perfectly complement dishes with the right drinks. This is an excellent investment that can help you enjoy the experience of dining even more.


  • Invent your own dish. This is the year to get brave in the kitchen and create your own signature dish or special invention. Start by visiting your favorite restaurants and paying attention to what you enjoy and why you enjoy it. Try to recreate some of the same experiences in your own creation and test it out on friends.


  • Go on a culinary tour. Go on a vacation centered around food or take a local food tour of restaurants, breweries, cheese artisans or any other food business that piques your fancy. It’s a wonderful way to turn food into a true experience and to learn something new along the way.


  • Grow your own vegetable garden, fruit garden, herbs or mushrooms. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try all of them. Growing your own food is an exercise in discipline and patience and allows you to try flavors and foods you might not be able to easily get any other way. Try heirloom or something modern, but do try something new.


  • Catch and cook your own seafood. Lobster, mussels, fish and any other seafood tastes the best when it’s right out of the water, and eating al fresco is the best way to dine. There are boat tours that help you catch your own.


  • Forage in the wild and make a meal out of it. With a guided tour, pick your own berries, roots, mushrooms and other edibles to use as ingredients in your own creations. Wild-picked ingredients are bursting with flavor and nutrients. They’re also a unique way to add some local punch to your dishes.


Don’t forget to add some great dining-out experiences to 2018. If you want to enjoy amazing Mediterranean and Italian fare with a creative twist in a stylish and warm setting, be sure to reserve a table at Bricco.


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