How to Choose Healthy When Dining With Others

By Bricco Posted on April 3rd, 2018

Whether you’re having dinner or drinks with colleagues, friends or family, trying to eat healthy when others are around presents its own challenges. Your dining companions may have their own ideas about where to eat or may tempt you with their own indulgent foods.

Dining out doesn’t have to mean bad choices, though. You can make your food choices better when you:

  • Plan ahead. Look for a restaurant with lots of options. A place with gluten-free dishes, a range of salads and lighter fare as well as heartier entrees can please everyone while letting you make the right selections for your health. Look for restaurants that put an emphasis on healthy, local ingredients and whole foods.


  • Don’t wait to read the menu. Read over the menu before you go and choose what you want to order. Have a back-up in case you can’t order your first option for any reason. When you know what you want, you’re not reading the menu or listening to the specials and getting tempted. You already have had time to think it over in a calmer situation, without any peer pressure.


  • Dine slowly. Dining in a group can actually be beneficial in some ways. When you keep the conversation going and keep pace with the slowest eater at the table, you’re less likely to overeat because you give yourself a chance to feel full.


  • Be the first to order. You’ll be less tempted by other diners’ orders.


  • Don’t give into pressure. Sometimes, well-meaning friends and family will have their own opinions about what you should eat. Stick to your plans and order what you intended to. This is where reading the menu ahead can come in handy!


  • Consider sharing. Splitting a pizza or other dishes allows you to control how much you eat. If you eat slow, especially, you’ll be able to dine on reasonable portions.


  • Ask for sauce on the side. You can shave hundreds of calories off your meal if you apply moderate amounts of sauce instead of allowing someone else to apply sauce.


  • Eat well. Eat foods that are appealing and satisfy you. If you end up feeling hungry, you’re more likely to overeat desserts or end up eating unhealthy snacks after dinner. Eat enough food so you are set until the next meal.


  • Watch what’s in your glass. Wine can be a lower-calorie alternative to beer, and water adds zero calories or sugar to your dining experience. Spend some time thinking about what drinks you want to order before you head out to dine.

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