Healthy Food Trends for Spring

By Bricco Posted on April 23rd, 2018

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Now that spring is just around the corner, we’re seeing more of the food trends that will likely dominate 2018. Some of the trends that have caught our eye are:

  1. Good-For-You Options
    Whether we’re looking at St. John’s Wort as an ingredient to make you feel more upbeat, or gingko which has been thought to have anti-oxidant properties, ingredients that used to be found in a supplement bottle are now showing up in food. That way, you can consume foods themselves that have potential health benefits. One caveat — if you are taking any medication, talk to your doctor first, before taking any of these trendy items, just to make sure there are no interactions.

  3. Plant-Based Foods
    Plant foods such as fruits, nuts, legumes and vegetables are becoming the star of the menu. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or someone who just wants to eat better, check out the no-meat and no-dairy options popping up everywhere. At Bricco, try our honey-roasted sprouts, our salads, antipasti and more.

  5. International Foods
    Unique ingredients such as insect protein, nduja and other ingredients make menus a lot more fun. Leave behind the foods in your fridge and set out on an adventure.

  6. Science-Based Foods
    Some foods look like they were cooked up in a lab, with pearls of balsamic vinegar, pistachio dust and other ingredients being transformed to offer a fresh new twist on flavors.

  8. Hyper-Local Ingredients
    Fresh, fresher, freshest — that’s what chefs in the know are looking for today. Looking beyond local, seasonal and organic, chefs are trying out hyper-local ingredients that are sourced right in their own backyards. If you have been to Chef Bill Collier’s pop-up foraging events, where mushroom hunting happens right in the backyard, you’ve experienced this for yourself.

  10. Instagram-Ready Food
    Some foods, such as rainbow desserts and charcoal ice cream, seem specifically designed to be photographed and placed on social media. The look of food has become more important than ever before in our image-conscious world.

  12. Chef Visions
    Today’s customers want an experience, not just food, and chefs are stepping up with immersive events that give diners a whole new interaction with food. Some of the foodie events, foraging expeditions and pop-up events Bricco has created and has in the works, for example, help diners step fully into a chef’s vision of a food experience.

Bricco is not only always experimenting with new dishes and ideas, but we also source local, farm-to-table ingredients to ensure you get the best dining experience possible. And now you can dine at Bricco in a whole new way, thanks to our lunch option! We’re open for lunch as well as dinner starting this month, so be sure to try our delicious food in our casual and welcoming atmosphere by stopping by for a meal.

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