Food Festival Tips for the Hungry Foodie

By Bricco Posted on May 21st, 2018

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Food festival season is upon us and as always, Pennsylvania delivers with some unique and exciting events. Chef Bill and the rest of the team at Bricco love food festival season because it offers everyone a chance to try new flavors and to meet fellow foodies.

This year, Pennsylvania will host the Easton Garlic festival in October, the Whoopie Pie Festival on September 8th, the Philly Cheesesteak & Food Festival in October, the Pittston Tomato Festival, the mushroom festival in Kennett Square, the Shippensburg Corn Festival, Dillsburg Picklefest and more. Bricco will be hosting its own event, the Pop-up Dining Event on July 7th.

While all these options sound great, you’ll want to maximize your chances of eating wonderful food as much as possible. Here’s how:

  • Get ready beforehand. Check out the event page for menus, vendors and information. Know when to get there — and be prepared to arrive early. Have a plan of action, especially for larger festivals. Consider which foods you really want to try and head to those vendors first.

  • Buy extras. Food festivals can give you the chance to buy new-to-you ingredients or takeout meals you can freeze at home to enjoy later. If you’re somewhere with lots of tempting choices, getting takeout and eating it all later lets you try more flavors while spending less time waiting in line. Just be sure to bring your own containers, since organizers can run out at smaller food festivals.

  • Arrive early. Parking is at a premium at festivals and arriving early lets you nab a better spot. You’ll also get first picks of any dishes you really want to try.

  • Pack a bag. Bring sunscreen, extra napkins, plastic cutlery and water if it’s allowed. Wet wipes are also a good idea, as are tablecloths in case the festival runs out of spaces and you need to picnic with your meal. Many festivals also only take cash, so be sure to bring small bills.

  • Plan to talk. Chat with vendors, chefs and fellow foodies. One of the best things about food festivals is the people! You’ll likely find out an amazing amount about the local food scene by talking to strangers at festivals. You may even walk away with a recipe or two. Even if you’re shy, make the effort to put away your phone, put down your fork and strike up a conversation.

  • Give yourself lots of time. While hopping from one event to the next can be fun, give yourself a chance to check out one festival without rushing off. You never know just what goodies you might find.

If you want to check out the Pop-Up event Bricco is putting on this year in July, book tickets now. Or, book a table with us for those days when you can’t bear to walk and just want the Bricco team to bring your food to you.

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