Foodie Adventures to Try this Summer

By Bricco Posted on June 15th, 2018

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Now that summer’s here, you can finally start enjoying the outdoors again. What should you do with all that freedom? If you’re an enjoyer of tasty treats and fun flavor combinations, you may want to add some of these foodie adventures and day trips to your 2018 summer bucket list:

  1. Food trucks: Make a list of all the food trucks in your area you want to visit and start crossing them off! Many have websites or Facebook pages announcing where they will be parked on certain days.

  3. Picnics: Grab a group of friends and get together for a potluck picnic in a park or green space. Look for outdoor concerts, which will provide the benefit of entertainment while you dine.

  5. Foodie camping: The foodie’s idea of glamping may include a fire and plenty of ingredients to try new over-the-fire recipes. Summer pizza, sausages with unique topics and new takes on s’mores are some ideas to get you started!

  7. Al fresco dining: Set up a patio, deck or other outdoor space and get ready to have dinner or lunch outside a few times a week. Not only does it lend a casual dining flair to your meals, but fresh air is invigorating.

  9. New restaurants: With fresh produce at its peak during the summer, now is the time to see what your local chefs think up. Take a look at highly-regarded restaurants in your area and make this the year you try a few of them.

  11. Pop-up dining events: Pop-up dining events are a hot trend right now and you’ll find them in just about any city. These events are wonderful because they allow you to try new recipes from some top chefs, including recipes not featured on any menus. Pop-up events can also include interactive features, such as foraging or live entertainment, and they give you a chance to meet other foodies.

  12. Food shows: Wine shows and food shows offer samples and allow you to get to know vendors and ingredients you may never have encountered before. Some even allow you to buy new-to-you foods at discount.

  14. Farmer’s markets: Right now, farmer’s markets and roadside stands are filled with fresh produce, so get out there and support your local farmers. Sweet corn, strawberries and tomatoes are a few of our summer favorites!

  16. Brunch: Treating yourself to a nice brunch at a restaurant is a terrific form of pampering and there is no better time to brunch than the summer. Look for places with outdoor seating, so you can enjoy the morning sun while you dine.

  18. New dishes: Plan a few new recipes and dishes you’d like to try. Maybe you experienced a fresh, tasty dish out recently that you’d like to recreate, or have a long-time favorite meal you’ve never attempted to make yourself. Write out a must-try list and work your way through the cuisines.

  20. Food research: Sign up for a food tour in your city or in any city you visit. It’s a sure-fire way to learn more about the origins of food and some local cuisine customs.

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