Summer 2018 Food Trends You’ll Want to Try

By Bricco Posted on August 15th, 2018

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Food sees its trends, just like every industry. If it’s been a while since you have tried something new, why not try some of the biggest trends of this summer? The foods and approaches making waves in the foodie community include:

  1. Plant-Based and Cruelty-Free Foods

Vegan foods have been popular for quite some time, but plant-based eating today has genuinely gone to new heights with foods which mimic the mouthfeel, texture, taste and experience of animal products. From vegan burgers — which are actually juicy and satisfying — to vegan caviar, there are many choices that let you enjoy food without worrying about its effect on animals.

  1. No Waste

Zero-waste dining means reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible. This may mean eating mostly plant-based foods since animal farming is very water-intensive. It may also mean upcycled food, an approach in which all parts of a food get used. Upcycled approaches may involve using the rinds as well as the pulp of citrus fruit, for example. There are even zero-waste grocery stores.

  1. Raindrop Cakes

Raindrop cakes are made from a gelatinous food, usually agar-agar or clear gelatin. The cakes are shaped like a dome, and the inside may be decorated with flowers or other ornamentals for a unique look.

  1. Buddha Bowls

Buddha bowls are still going strong. These contain a full meal, artfully arranged in one container. Bowls include grains, vegetables, proteins and toppings to create a unique taste experience.

  1. Avocados

Avocados, like Buddha bowls, have been a trend for some time, and they show no signs of slowing down. Whether they are on toast, cut into salads or in a starring role in a meal, avocados deliver healthy fats and a mild flavor.

  1. Fresh Flavors

Watermelon, mint, cucumber and other fresh, light flavors are a favorite in the summer. They work exceptionally well when they crop up in unexpected places, such as paired together in salads or drinks.

  1. Rainbow Foods

“Eat the rainbow” is a famous rallying cry to eat a wide variety of whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables. By combining vegetables of red, purple, green, orange and other colors, you can enjoy many vitamins and minerals as well as a visually-appealing plate.

  1. Ice Cream

In 2018, protein-based ice cream and artisanal ice creams that are made from plant-based foods are making big waves.

  1. Ugly Food

Years ago, ugly fruit came on the scene, but today ugly food refers to any imperfect foods that are still seen as an excellent choice. Part of the “no-waste” movement, ugly food is about eating foods that may have bruises or marks on them but are still good to eat.

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