Planning a Special Anniversary

By Bricco Posted on October 13th, 2018

Celebrating a lifetime together should be a magical and romantic event. You only get one chance to celebrate your first, fifth, tenth, twentieth or fortieth year together. Whether you are just at the start of your love journey or are celebrating a lifetime together, there are plenty of ways to make it a special event:

  1. Consider a Special-To-You Spot

At Bricco, we have helped many couples celebrate everything from first dates to decades together. Chef Bill Collier has seen some couples go from newlyweds to having families — still being very much in love. With his team, he always prepares a special menu made with local, seasonal ingredients. If your first date was at Bricco or another special local spot, why not go back to remember when it all began?

  1. Tantalize All the Senses

A delicious meal in a stunning setting can tantalize your taste buds, seduce with amazing aromas and surround you with gorgeous art. You can even book a spa day afterward to involve the sense of touch. Consider ways to heighten the experience so it really makes an impact.

  1. Combine Events

Why just go to a spa or just exchange gifts when you can combine that with a special evening out, a movie, a show and maybe a special dinner? Having a few things to try makes the evening or the day together more special and memorable and gives you photos and mementos you can share for many years.

  1. Make It a Surprise

You can play together, but why not surprise your special someone? A dinner at the private dining room in Bricco feels like an indulgence and allows you to surprise the love of your life with delicious food, a fun event and even flowers. We can handle all the details, from the menu to the ambiance, so you can focus on romance and each other.

  1. Celebrate With Loved Ones

For milestone anniversaries, some couples like celebrating with friends, family, children and even grandchildren. If you want to make it an event, Bricco has private dining areas to accommodate all your guests while letting you enjoy an upscale evening.

  1. Set the Stage With a Little Pampering

Romantic touches like candles, flowers, dessert and music go a long way to set the tone for a special night out. Whether it’s just the two of you or you’re celebrating with loved ones, you deserve to treat yourselves with a little luxury. An anniversary is a perfect time to indulge, so choose a special restaurant reservation, an upmarket wine or a night at an extravagant hotel.

Are you marking an anniversary? Congratulations! If you’d like to celebrate with a private dining event, contact Bricco to book a spot in our dining room. Our team can help you plan a tasting or the perfect menu for your special event.

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