It’s Not Too Early to Start Planning Holiday Parties

By Bricco Posted on October 20th, 2018

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The holidays are around the corner, and whether you’re planning for your loved ones or for a company, you need to start setting dates — before everyone’s calendars are filled. You also want to make sure everyone has a good time.

So how do you please your 20-year-old niece with the tattoos at the same time as you delight your grandad in the argyle socks? How can you ensure Martha from IT has a great time at the company holiday party as well as Mr. Henderson in the CEO suite? You start now, and you use these tricks to plan a holiday event that will light up social media and will generate lots of smiling faces for the group photos:

  1. Figure out What Everyone Is Celebrating

Knowing whether everyone is celebrating the same holiday or different days can help you determine whether your party should have a specific theme. If you’re not sure, it may be best to plan a theme around a specific achievement or a general theme — like starry night or 2018 accomplishments — instead.

  1. Know What People’s Big Don’ts Are

If someone has an allergy, you’ll want to know that before ordering six dozen peanut butter cookies for the party. Always give people a chance to tell you about strong preferences or food needs and plan to have a diverse menu so vegans, meat-eaters and everyone else can enjoy the food and drink.

  1. Have a Plan for What to Do

It can be tempting to find a venue and leave the rest to fate, but if your team isn’t very close, it can mean awkwardness. Plan some group activities, icebreakers or games. Make sure there is a meal or lots of snacks since that gives people an excuse to mingle. A full sit-down meal is also a shared activity that can allow conversation to flow naturally since everyone has only a few people around them to speak to.

  1. Put the Focus on What Brings You Together

If you have a big family or a diverse group of employees, it can be easy to remember how you’re all different. For the holidays, though, consider what you share. Bring in photos of past events and big projects, bring up common goals and generally focus on what you do agree on.

If you want to have a special holiday party for your friends, family or organization, why hold it at a venue where you don’t need to worry about clean-up on top of organizing everything? When you book a private room at Bricco, you get plenty of room for everyone, and you only have to worry about celebrating. We help you plan, take care of the food and leave you with nothing but great memories. If you want to be a holiday hero this year and take care of planning early, contact Bricco now to book a private room for your holiday party. Spaces are limited, so contact our team soon!

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