Where Will 2019 Find You?

By Bricco Posted on October 23rd, 2018

new year 2019


Where will you be when the ball drops at the stroke of midnight? How will you celebrate the successes of 2018 and set the stage for the opportunities in 2019? One of the best ways to celebrate a new chapter in your life is with an upscale event to revel in the past and the future with style.

You can begin by booking a private room. Private dining elevates your New Year’s celebrations to something special and lets you enjoy your time with those you love. It also allows you to set up your event just as you wish and gives your party a sense of luxury. What could be better than celebrating your accomplishments while surrounded by beautiful art and excellent service? The dining room at Bricco includes details such as a custom chandelier, a wall made of wine cases and a bar-height custom-made table to ensure you feel absolutely pampered.

You Are What You Eat

No celebration of the New Year is complete without a delicious, high-end menu. Chef Bill Collier and the culinary team at Bricco prepare an extensive Mediterranean-inspired menu with a flair from local, seasonal ingredients. Balancing sensory experience with an artisanal presentation, the menu will impress even the foodies at your gathering. You can give us a call to reserve a table for our special prix fixe New Year’s menu.

Do you want something sweet? European-style desserts from Ciao Bakery are the perfect end to your meal — and don’t forget the full menu of drinks Bricco can serve.

Exceptional service, mouth-watering food, wonderful ambiance and even help with planning your New Year’s celebration all mean Bricco delivers the high-end celebration to make your end-of-year festivities feel like a VIP fête.

Planning Your New Year

One of the most important ways to plan a luxurious New Year event is to plan ahead. Book your private dining room or venue now and finalize the menu. It’s one additional thing off your to-do list. Be sure to plan ahead and have a safe way for everyone to get home, whether that means hiring a shuttle or designating a driver.

Send your invitations and get guests to RSVP. Beautiful paper invitations with luxury details such as thick cotton-based paper and special lettering can become mementos themselves. They also help your guests remember your special event. If you have any special dress code, mention it on the invitation so everyone can prepare for black tie, white tie or any other special requirements. Dressing up can certainly add a luxe feel to your event, especially if everyone is dressed according to a theme.

Do you need more help planning? Contact Bricco now to get help from our professional staff and to reserve Table at Bricco. Times fill up quickly, so don’t delay — or it may be another full year before you can celebrate in style at one of the most-sought-after private dining rooms in Harrisburg.

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