Deciding Between Catering and Private Dining for That Big Event?

By Bricco Posted on November 10th, 2018

Whether you’re planning a corporate luncheon or a special dinner party for the family, you have lots of options. If you don’t want to handle the whole meal and special event yourself, you can always get it catered to the site of your choice. You can also book a restaurant private dining room for the whole event.

Having a hard time deciding? Here are five factors to consider.

  1. Clean-Up

Who will tidy up after everyone has left? If you are hosting the event at your home or at your business, you may need to assign friends or colleagues to help with the clean-up, or you may need to hire someone to help ensure everything gets back to its pre-festivities state. You will also need to separate recyclables and trash.

If you decide on private dining, the staff will handle all clean-up, and you don’t even have to worry about the dishes.

  1. Atmosphere

Deciding where to host a special event comes down to atmosphere. Do you want the feel of your home or office or would you like something more elegant with art and a slightly more stylish sit-down area? At home, you can use music, flowers and lighting to try to set the mood.

If you decide on private dining, you can select the right menu and atmosphere for your event, whether that means a hotel ballroom or a stylish, generous space such as the private dining room at Bricco. You can select how formal you want the event location to be.

  1. Space

Take a look at your guest list. Would everyone on it fit into your home or office space if you had your event catered? What if you had some unexpected guests? In addition to space for your guests, consider any space you might need for the food, an area for mingling and any additional room you might need for gifts, work-related presentations or other special activities.

If you rent a private dining room, you can look for a room large enough to accompany everyone, as well as the dining area and any other space you may need.

  1. Service

When considering catering, be sure to ask what services are included. Will the service provide set-up and servers? If not, you will need to take care of these yourself.

The dining room experience at Bricco also comes with professional and friendly service. Our staff will ensure you have everything you need during your festivities and can even make food and drink recommendations.

  1. Budget

Consider getting a few quotes and be sure to compare the full cost of the service. For example, if drinks or clean-up are not included, make sure you include that price so you can compare the final tally. Knowing the final budget lets you plan ahead, too.

If you need to book a private dining room, contact Bricco now to speak to our professional staff about your next big event. Our tasteful dining room and innovative, seasonal menu may be just what you are looking for!

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