How to Plan an Upscale Holiday Party

By Bricco Posted on November 21st, 2018

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When you’re planning a holiday party, sometimes you want something a little more luxe and a little less rustic. Maybe it’s been a big year for you or you’re planning an office party for a company that has reached a special benchmark or anniversary. Perhaps you just realize you need a celebration with some extra sparkle.

Whatever the reason, there are several ways to take your party to more elegant heights. Here are a few ideas:

  • Ask Guests to Dress Up: Formal clothes instantly take your event from casual to luxurious. Consider whether you want guests to show up white tie, black tie or business formal and be sure to include this information on your invitations. Repeat the information often and confirm your guests know.
  • Set the Stage: Fresh flowers, candles and elegant décor says “formal” much more efficiently than balloons and streamers. Stick to a simple or monochrome palette, such as silver and blue or white, for a minimalist, modern elegance.
  • Add Luxurious Extras: A formal seating arrangement with named place settings helps keep things formal and also lets you arrange guests so they can talk and get to know each other. If you’re giving gifts this year, wrap them in fine paper or beautiful holiday envelopes. Consider items such as gift certificates to fine dining restaurants or services at a luxury spa.
  • Get All the Senses Engaged: Book your holiday party at a venue that combines fresh food with beautiful surroundings. Use instrumental holiday music and soft lighting to further create a timeless feel.
  • Don’t Get Too Rigid: While you want a luxurious experience, don’t forget to let your hair down a little and celebrate. Part of the fun of holiday parties is to laugh together and enjoy the time spent among colleagues, even in formalwear. Plan some ice breakers or activities to keep everyone involved and encourage discussion and laughs.
  • Have a Sit-Down Menu or Finer Finger Foods: Fine dining with fresh, seasonal ingredients fares much better than typical catered holiday food. Meals prepared by Bricco, for example, appeal to gourmands and just about anyone who enjoys delicious food, but with a presentation that adds to the dining experience.
  • Book an Elegant Venue: It’s harder to have an upscale party where everyone works, day after day. For an event where everyone feels pampered, consider the private dining experience at Bricco. The private dining room at Bricco has plenty of room for everyone and sets the stage for celebrating a full year of success with a wine wall, art and a marble buffet. Coupled with a creative menu and exceptional service, you can ensure your colleagues or employees have an amazing evening.

In addition to following these tips, be sure to capture the event with photos! When you are ready to book a private dining experience in an upscale setting, contact Bricco to get assistance from our professional staff.

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