The Importance of Celebrating Special Work Milestones with Your Team

By Bricco Posted on November 26th, 2018

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If you are a leader or business owner, you are probably focused on success and you know your most important assets, your employees and team members, are a big part of your ability to hit target goals. While setting your sights high is important, it’s also crucial to celebrate work milestones and accomplishments.

Whether it’s closing a big sale, completing a big project, making it the third quarter or something else, there are some tangible benefits to helping your team members rejoice:

  • Encourage Camaraderie: Team members need to collaborate, not just compete. When you celebrate big wins as a company, you create a feeling of togetherness. Since everyone gets to take part in the festivities, there’s less of a focus on individuals working to get ahead. Parties to celebrate goals accomplished let everyone feel like part of the effort. As an added bonus, informal time spent together encourages your team to get to know each other on a personal level, which can help build a stronger workplace.
  • Attract and Retain the Best Talent: Work culture is an important consideration for top talent, so creating a pleasant place to work is a key priority. When your team members see you’re willing to put in the effort to praise them, that can make it easier for you to put together the best organization with the best professionals possible.
  • Provide Entertainment: Let’s face it — celebrations are fun for everyone and everyone at your organization can appreciate spending some time together. Everyone loves a party.
  • Inspire Everyone to Do Their Best: It’s easier for your professional team to work toward a big goal when they know there’s a party and recognition involved. You don’t want your employees to feel ignored or overlooked and hosting special events for them ensures they feel appreciated.
  • Commemorate Big Events: Whether someone has been with the company for 10 years or is about to retire, celebrating the big event shows you care and adds to the culture and history of your company. These events are great to share on social media, too, and can help with branding.

How to Celebrate

If you have big goals and accomplishments to toast to, you can take a few different approaches to throwing a party. A casual get-together in the office may be fine for small milestones, but you might want to consider something more upscale for larger events.

Whether it’s a corporate luncheon to mark a new launch or a retirement, Bricco can be the perfect place to get together. You can book a table in the restaurant for a semi-formal event in a relaxed atmosphere. Chef Bill Collier and his team will prepare seasonal dishes from local ingredients, and the Italy-inspired menu is sure to appeal to everyone.

For bigger events, Bricco has a private dining room with wall art, a wine wall and a marble buffet. With plenty of room for everyone, an innovative menu and exceptional service, this is the place to throw any event where you really want to be able to set the stage for celebration.

Contact Bricco today to book a table or our private dining room. Don’t let another important company date go by without celebrating!

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