Luxe Foodie Resolutions for the New Year

By Bricco Posted on December 26th, 2018

Often, if changes in eating habits are a part of someone’s New Year’s resolutions, they tend to create very restrictive eating plans. It’s no wonder most plans for the New Year are over by mid-January.

If you’re a foodie and want to create New Year’s resolutions that nourish your body and delight you instead of leaving you feel feeling deprived, consider these resolutions:

  1. Get Inspired by Cooking

If you’ve been punishing yourself with “eat healthy” or “give up sugar” resolutions for years, learn to get excited about food again. Follow foodie Instagram accounts, read books about food and health and watch documentaries about the subject. Get to know the wide world of food. Not only will the knowledge arm you with information about making better food choices for you, but you’ll start to enjoy food again, and your journey won’t feel like deprivation.

  1. Find Food Mentors

Follow the social media accounts and read the works of master chefs and foodies you admire. You’ll be exposed to techniques, ideas and recipes you might not otherwise find.

  1. Get to Know Your Local Food Producers

Make it a habit to head to the farmer’s market and talk to the vendors there. Stop off at local farm stands and visit workshops run by local food artisans. Knowing where your food comes from and eating local lets you become a more conscious consumer.

  1. Try a New-To-You Food or Dish Once a Month

Expand your repertoire and try the foods you’ve always been curious about. Go out of your way to experience something new to invigorate your palette. You’ll probably find some new favorites and have some funny stories to share, too.

  1. Make a Foodie Bucket List

Whether you’ve always wanted to eat pasta in Naples, eat a croissant in a Paris café or perfect your own skills at making popovers, write down what you want to do as a foodie and start checking off that list.

  1. Try a New Foodie Event at Least Once a Month

Pop-up dining events, cooking classes, mushroom-picking excursions, food fairs and other special events take place all over the country every day. Look up some new events and try at least one a month to learn more and to experience food in a whole new way. Be sure to follow Bricco on Facebook, where we post information about upcoming cooking classes, pop-up dining and other events.

If you want to try something different in the upcoming 12 months and have chosen to eat well, you can try different dining options at Bricco. Just contact us to reserve a spot in our private dining area or in our restaurant. Our team uses seasonal, local ingredients to create Mediterranean dishes, ensuring you get healthy options as well as foodie-approved delicious taste and innovation in one meal.


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