5 Secrets for Holding a Crucial Business Meeting

By Bricco Posted on February 28th, 2019


Anyone in charge of a business eventually decides to host an important meeting. Whether it’s an introduction for a possible future merger or a way of impressing an important business client, meetings are a part of corporate life. These five tips can help make your meeting a success:

  1. Decide Whether the Meeting Is Really Needed

Consider whether another method, such as a presentation or an online event, might suit your needs better. Your meetings will be more productive and useful if they are the right option for what you are trying to accomplish.

  1. Have a Clear Goal and Plan in Mind

Consider what outcome it would take for you to feel the event was a success. Are you trying to close a deal, gain funding or agree on ideas about a new campaign? With your goal in mind, plan out what needs to be reviewed at the meeting and what needs to happen. If you need to plan a new product launch, for example, you might need to have your tech team and your marketing team submit presentations for you to review and then choose from among them.

  1. Know the Latest Figures for Your Company

Once you have a goal and a general agenda, consider what needs to happen before the meeting. If you are speaking with potential business partners or investors, for example, you may need to study the market and have the latest figures about your company on hand to show why your organization is the best option. You may need to conduct polls, create prototypes or prepare a presentation, depending on the meeting. Make sure you plan well enough in advance to do a have all the information you need for these elements.

  1. Assign Roles

Everyone at the table should have a clear role and should understand what they are bringing to the event. Make sure each member of your team knows when they are speaking and what they need to do their best job. Ensure everyone can contribute.

  1. Set the Stage for Success

Business meetings in your company location may not always be the best option, especially if there may be distractions. Getting away from your usual meeting space illustrates the importance of this event to your team and gives you an opportunity to impress investors or other business leaders. A private dining room at Bricco, for example, can establish a pleasant atmosphere for your get-together while also giving you plenty of space for any presentation and a delicious, artisan menu.

If you’d like to reserve a private space for that important team collaboration, contact Bricco to learn more about our options.


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