Dessert and Wine: An Idea for Your Next Night Out

By Bricco Posted on April 23rd, 2019

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In Europe, huge meals are not always the go-to. In many cities, it’s common to see colleagues, family and friends head out for drinks and dessert. Walk by a café in many European cities, and you’ll see people lingering over cake or pastries and glasses of wine or coffee. If you haven’t tried this time-honored tradition, it may be just the thing to revive your after-work drinks or evenings out.

Dessert and wine are a natural pairing, and Bricco has a wine menu that pairs wonderfully with our dessert menu. Our delicious desserts, including gelatos, pavlova and other items, are a feast for the eyes and taste buds. They are carefully prepared to be works of art with delicate flavors and are, of course, ideal for pairing with wines, whiskeys or even coffees.

A Relaxing Tradition

Bricco has the perfect atmosphere to enjoy dessert and drinks, too. With a bar area and a casual but upscale dining space, you can sit back and enjoy stunning art and the lively conversation around you while you linger over dessert and drinks.

If you’ve always thought of dessert as the tail-end of a meal, you may not be getting the full experience. By the time you’ve finished your meal, your palate may be jaded, or you may even be too full to fully appreciate dessert. When you make dessert and drinks an event in themselves, you get to really enjoy every bite and the interplay between your drink and sweet.

If you have a tradition of going out for drinks already, adding dessert to your outing adds some indulgence and encourages you to slow down and linger. With dessert in front of you and a drink to go with it, you can relax and unwind, savoring each bite as you catch up with your dining companions.

If you’ve never tried gelato and coffee or cake and wine, you’re in for a treat. Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Merlot pair beautifully with chocolate desserts and pastries. Zinfandels are a sweet wine that works wonderfully with chocolates and a range of chocolate desserts. Cocktails can also pair perfectly and add depth and dimension to your sweet dishes. Whiskey can add a pleasant smokiness to desserts as well. Ask your server at Bricco to suggest a pairing that will bring out the flavor in the menu items you choose.

If you’re ready to start a new European tradition with wine and dessert, reserve a table at Bricco. Browse our menus and our wine lists online to find the perfect pairings or check out what you can take to go at Ciao! Bakery for wine and dessert at home. If you need a full meal, Bricco has a delectable artisan menu of Italian flavors for you to try.

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