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By Bricco Posted on April 29th, 2019

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Whether you’re seeking caterers for a business meeting, birthday party, business breakfast, wedding or any special event, you want delicious food and reliable service that will keep everyone happy. How do you choose the right choice for your important celebration? There are a few things you must do:

  1. Decide on Your Budget and Dates First

Your caterer may not be able to give you a sense of what they can cater and even whether they are available until you understand your budget and when you need the catering to take place. This way, you can keep lines of communication strong early and get a realistic view of what is possible.

  1. Determine Allergies and Food Needs Early

Be sure to find out if anyone on the guest list for your special day has any food allergies or other special dietary needs. Your caterer needs this information right away — before they have set a menu or even offered you all the choices. Knowing what you need to pay attention to ensures you don’t end up with an allergic reaction at your party.

  1. Know What Is Included

Where will you get dishware, cutlery, napkins and anything else you will need? If coffee is being served as part of the catering, will creamers, stirrers and sweeteners be served? As you look at your menu, consider what you will require for serving and ensure you understand what will be included with the catering service and what will be your responsibility.

  1. Taste the Food

One reason why Bricco is becoming a very popular option for catering is because it’s easy to drop by the restaurant and sample some of the menu items our talented chefs can prepare for your event. No matter who caters for you, though, make sure you taste the food, so you can decide whether or not it meets your requirements.

  1. Pay Attention to Service

You’re not just paying for food. When you need catering, you also need service for an important event. When you speak with potential caterers, take note of the service you receive. Look for caterers who are responsive and timely in getting back to you and who communicate with you in a transparent and professional style.

  1. Understand How Other Customers Have Fared

Check out online reviews and find out how pleased other customers were. A company offering consistently good catering services and one that has been in business for a while is your best bet.

Are you looking for a caterer for your next important event or celebration? Contact Bricco to find out more about our catering. Our catering includes everything from breakfast service and wood-fired pizzas to a range of sandwiches, salads, specialty items and more. Our professional staff can help you put together artisan menus and an experience designed to keep everyone happy. When you need wonderful food and terrific service, why not trust a top award-winning restaurant like Bricco for your Harrisburg catering needs?

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