Italian Summer Traditions to Embrace This Year

By Bricco Posted on May 22nd, 2019

Summer in Italy is a beautiful season. In the cities, there are concerts, busy tourists and coffees to enjoy outdoors. In the countryside, green spaces are bursting with flowers, and life takes a more relaxed pace. Since there are evening events in many places, it is traditional to take a nap in the afternoon, so people can dine later and stay up to participate in the festivities.

A few of the traditions that tend to show up in Italy in the summer include:

  • Sagra. Usually held in a town piazza, this type of festival celebrates a local product in season, whether it’s fish, pasta or a type of nut. This event typically includes gathering at communal tables and sampling food featuring the star ingredient.
  • La Festa. This is a festival that often celebrates a saint’s feast day. In parts of Italy, you may see this event advertised on local posters, and the event itself can include music, a procession, church services, fireworks and more.
  • Ferragosto. This national holiday takes place in August, and some smaller restaurants and businesses may be closed for the day or for the last two weeks of the month as owners visit family. However, music, food and fireworks are available for tourists.
  • White Night. This event takes place for one night. Restaurants, stores and attractions such as galleries stay open late, and you can experience music, food, art and special events in the streets.
  • Calcio Fiorentino. This historic soccer game is thought to date back to the 1500s. Today, the players wear colorful shorts during the game, which takes place in the Florence Piazza Santa Croce in the third week of June.
  • Palio di Siena. This very competitive horse race dates back to the 1300s. About 10 horses and their riders compete every year.
  • Corteo Storico. This procession or parade includes musicians, flag wavers and people dressed in historical costumes.

You might not live in Italy or even have immediate plans to visit, but you can still include Italian traditions in your life. Dine outside, taking in the summer breezes. Take a siesta in the afternoon and go out to dinner later. Visit a local event, parade or festival to try new foods and experiences.

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