Harrisburg and South Central PA Food Traditions

By Bricco Posted on July 16th, 2019


Every state and region of the country has its own food culture and history, from the barbecue and sweet tea in the South to oysters, salmon and berries in the Pacific Northwest. Harrisburg is known for a number of its own food traditions as well, including:

  • Pretzels: Thanks to German immigrants coming over to build a new life for themselves in America, Harrisburg has been home to these delicious dough twists for years. They are traditionally topped with just salt, but you can also enjoy every flavor under the sun.
  • Food trucks and festivals: In Harrisburg, residents love taking food outside. In town, you will find plenty of food trucks, pop-up events and festivals celebrating our mutual love of eating. Some events not to be missed include the local products at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in January, the food at Kipona at the end of summer and the July pop-ups hosted by Bricco.
  • German food: Thanks to our storied past, Harrisburg is a great place to eat bratwurst, goulash and other German specialties.
  • Broad Street Market: Located at 3rd and Verbeke streets, this is one of the oldest famer’s markets in the country. It is housed in beautiful historic buildings and is a great place to go for farm-fresh goods, Amish foods and a variety of international foods.
  • Beer: Maybe it’s the fun-loving atmosphere of Harrisburg or its German roots, but there is a lot of wonderful beer in town. Visit local breweries or take advantage of the many happy hours held in the evenings. Be sure to visit beer tents at your local food festivals and fairs, too.
  • Gourmet food: Local producers offer everything from grass-fed meats and gourmet honey to locally-made Brie. You can also experience international cuisine without leaving town thanks to homemade curries, kimchi and more.
  • Italian food: German arrivals were not the only ones seeking a better life in Harrisburg’s past. Newcomers from Italy also helped make the city one of the best for pizza and Italian food. That proud tradition is also one of the inspirations for Bricco.
  • Pies: Pennsylvania is famous for pies, and Harrisburg is no different. Be sure to check out the whoopie, shoofly and other pies. If you’re celebrating something special, be sure to stop by Ciao! Bakery for a variety of delectable European desserts.
  • Fine dining: Harrisburg is home to many excellent chefs and future chefs studying at the Olewine School of Culinary Arts at Harrisburg Area Community College — a college Bricco partners with to encourage the next generations of culinary genius. With a variety of historic properties and culinary talent, it’s no surprise Harrisburg has beautiful and sophisticated restaurants such as Bricco.

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