The Seven Most Iconic Italian Dishes Enjoyed Across the World

By Bricco Posted on March 5th, 2020

Italian cuisine has long been chosen by sophisticated diners for its blend of savory, sweet and spicy flavors. The culinary world of Italy is rich and diverse, encompassing the many regions of the country, from the seashore with delicious seafood to border areas where spices are embraced.

What Are the Most Popular Italian Dishes?

The world has long fallen in love with Italian food. In fact, some of the most beloved dishes worldwide include:

  1. Ravioli: References to this traditional pasta date back to the 1300s. The thin dough surrounds a filling, such as meat, cheese or both, and while ravioli is traditionally square-shaped, it can also be found in rounded shapes, too. It is often served in a sauce or broth. The Bricco dinner menu includes innovative twists on this pasta classic.
  2. Pizza: The flat dough topped with cheese, tomato and other additions has become a staple in many diets around the world. Authentic pizza is very different from the dish served at many larger restaurants. In Italy, pizza dough is prepared from scratch, and the Margherita pizza is topped simply with fresh basil, mozzarella and tomatoes — the colors of the three representing the colors of the Italian flag. In Pennsylvania, Bricco offers authentic wood-fired pizzas. We offer gluten-free options as well.
  3. Arancini: These stuffed rice balls are coated in breadcrumbs and then fried, creating a sumptuous start to any Italian meal. Many regional varieties exist, and stuffing with cheese, peas, tomatoes or other additions are common.
  4. Risotto: Traditional Italian dinners often include this classic comfort food, which rises to culinary heights when infused with innovative flavors. Risotto is a classic meal made with arborio rice, into which wine, broth and other flavorings are added very gradually. The constant stirring and addition of liquid create a smooth and creamy texture.
  5. Polenta: In North Italy, coarsely ground corn is transformed into polenta when cooked. The creamy dish can be a side to savory dishes such as meats and mushrooms, or it can be served sweet, as a type of cereal. Diners love polenta because it makes an elegant and surprising accompaniment that brings out a variety of flavors. Chefs love it because it is a wonderful canvas on which to build artisanal dishes.
  6. Osso bucco: This Lombard favorite consists of veal shanks that have been braised and slow cooked in wine, broth and vegetables. The resulting stew is complex and rich — a perfect authentic meal when paired with risotto or polenta.
  7. Fettuccini: fettuccini is a popular pasta in Tuscany and Rome. The flat, broad pasta is traditionally egg-based and can be topped with cream sauce or with a ragu. In addition to fettuccini, Bricco has a variety of authentic pasta dishes for the sophisticated palate.

Tastes of Italy

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