13 Tips for Attending a Wine Tasting (And How to Make the Most of Your Experience)

By Bricco Posted on March 12th, 2020

Attending a wine tasting in PA is an exceptional way to expand your palate, learn about wines and even find some new wines you enjoy. If you are wondering how to make sure you enjoy the experience and find it useful, here are some tips:

  1. Have fun: What is a wine tasting event about if it’s not the enjoyment of wine? This is a chance to explore, get in touch with your senses and have an experience.
  2. Dress for success: Dress in dark colors, just in case you do spill any wine on yourself. Avoid clothing with long sleeves or any dangling pieces of fabric that can dip into a glass. Since you may be on your feet for some time, too, consider comfortable, flat shoes.
  3. Go fragrance-free: Since a significant part of wine tasting is smelling the wine, you want to avoid any fragrance to be able to appreciate the bouquet of each glass. Your sense of smell also impacts your sense of taste, so foregoing scent helps you taste accurately — and scent-free is just good wine tasting etiquette.
  4. Practice spitting: Yes, really. Make sure you don’t spit too forcefully or too slow. Why do you spit out wine when tasting, you might ask? It’s to ensure you can try multiple wines without feeling the effects. Even small tasting amounts can add up, which is why practice is important.
  5. Find a way to document: If you find that lovely red or exciting new white wine at an event, you want to be able to buy it or order it later. Plan to either jot down wines in a notebook or snap pictures of labels with your phone.
  6. Go hands-free: Trying to juggle a wine glass, purse, phone and other items is too much. If you have a wineglass in one hand, you only have one hand for food or taking notes, so make sure you have pockets or a purse to stash everything else.
  7. Plan to eat something: Eating something settles your stomach and clears your palate between wines so you can appreciate the different bouquets.
  8. Taste with a plan: Always start with lighter wines and work your way to the more full-bodied and complex. Beyond that, consider ahead of time which wines you want to focus on.
  9. Come prepared for a purple smile: Red wine can stain, so bring some gum or plan to slip into the washroom after the event to swish with water.
  10. Show up curious: Come prepared to ask questions and talk about wine. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy, but it helps to want to learn more.
  11. Silence is golden: Wine enthusiasts like to form their own opinions and focus on the experience of drinking wine. When first taking a sip, allow others to focus. Avoid jumping in with your opinions right away.
  12. Take your time: Listen to any information offered or read the label. Hold the glass by the stem and enjoy the color and look of the wine. Take deep breaths and consider the fragrance before taking a sip and allowing it to fill your mouth. Let it remain in your mouth before swallowing so you can taste all the complexities.
  13. Branch out: If you usually drink white, try a red. If you always choose pinot noir, ask for suggestions of something new. Tastings allow you to step out of your comfort zone and grow your tastes.

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