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The History of Happy Hour — Your Favorite Post-Work Event

By Bricco Posted on March 26th, 2020

Today, happy hour refers to the weekday hours of specials. Usually held sometime between four and eight in the evening, this hour features drink and food specials and is a popular way to socialize. Restaurants and pubs use it to help draw in customers, and workers love the idea of being able to relax ...

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The True Story of Pizza (and How It Became America’s Favorite Treat)

By Bricco Posted on March 19th, 2020

Today, pizza is one of the most popular and casual meals for Americans. But in fact, this food has a rich and storied history that even includes a royal seal of approval. Where Did Pizza Come From? The history of pizza begins with the ancient Greeks. Back then, flatbreads with toppings were a popular ...

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13 Tips for Attending a Wine Tasting (And How to Make the Most of Your Experience)

By Bricco Posted on March 12th, 2020

Attending a wine tasting in PA is an exceptional way to expand your palate, learn about wines and even find some new wines you enjoy. If you are wondering how to make sure you enjoy the experience and find it useful, here are some tips: Have fun: What is a wine tasting event about if it’s [&hel...

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8 Date Night Ideas for Foodie Couples

By Bricco Posted on March 8th, 2020

If you love the experience of delicious, artisan cuisine and your partner does, too, it just makes sense for date night to revolve around eating. Here are some great date night ideas for foodies you can try: Go on a tasting: Tasting rooms are a wonderful spot to try pairings of different flavors and ...

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The Seven Most Iconic Italian Dishes Enjoyed Across the World

By Bricco Posted on March 5th, 2020

Italian cuisine has long been chosen by sophisticated diners for its blend of savory, sweet and spicy flavors. The culinary world of Italy is rich and diverse, encompassing the many regions of the country, from the seashore with delicious seafood to border areas where spices are embraced. What Are the...

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