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The crunchy, flaky crust or the soft center bread can make or break a meal. Nothing beats the smell or taste of fresh-baked bread. That’s why the Ciao! Bakery team works hard to make the best bread in Harrisburg.

We start our morning early to provide you with freshly baked, artisan breads from our stone oven. If you’re looking for Italian bread in Harrisburg, Ciao! Bakery is the place to go. Our signature Italian-style loaves have a deep brown crust with a chewy, airy interior perfect for your family dinner or your favorite recipe.

Variety of Recipes

Looking for European-style bread in Harrisburg? Craving traditional Pennsylvania Dutch bread? Harrisburg houses Ciao! Bakery’s growing menu of specialty breads and pastries. Open since 2006, Ciao! Bakery has made a reputation for itself as the best place to buy bread in Harrisburg.

Pastry Chef Rosemarie Barbour's artisan bread is a hit with customers! Purchase whole loaves for home or try our specialty sandwiches featuring local deli meats and cheeses squished between two fresh slices.

Our Ingredients

Our recipes use only the finest, freshest ingredients from the Harrisburg and Hershey area. Visit our bakery today to sample our popular Honey Wheat bread. The sandwich-friendly recipe features sunflower and flax seeds and is rolled in oats for extra crunch.

Ciao! Bakery also features a variety of traditional and specialty Boules including Olive and Rosemary to satisfy any craving.

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