Specialty Cakes in Harrisburg, PA

Are you looking for specialty cakes to order for a special occasion? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation or retirement, any occasion deserves a delectable gourmet cake. With a delicious and stunning specialty cake from Ciao! Bakery at Bricco, you can transform your event from an ordinary festivity to an extraordinary, extravagant experience.

With baked-to-order and custom-designed cakes for any taste or occasion, Ciao delivers the flavor and flourish you need for your next celebration.

A Humble History

As the sweet part of the ultimate central Pennsylvania dining destination Bricco, Ciao opened its doors in 2006 as a humble, intimate bakery with artisan bread, pastries and designer cakes. As our incredible specialty cakes and other sweet creations gained popularity, we became known as one of the most established and best bakeries near Hershey and Harrisburg. Our expertly prepared, impeccably designed and delectable cakes combine authentic Italian flavors and artisan qualities.

Flavorful, Consistent Ingredients

Here at Ciao, we are proud to use only the best ingredients in each one of our specialty cakes. Our cake ingredients offer more than support and sustainability for the community — they also ensure your custom cakes have plenty of flavor in every bite.

Like the seasons, our featured specialty cake flavors change based on the available ingredients. Dig into the delectable quality of artisan cakes and savor a tastebud experience like no other. Our expert pastry chef Cassandra Callahan artfully crafts each original cake creation with care and superior standards.

Fantastic Fillings

Want a specialty cake with an irresistible filling or frosting? Ciao! Bakery’s out-of-this-world filling flavors are one of the many specialties that set us apart from other bakeries in the Hershey and Harrisburg areas. Enjoy the unique fillings and sophisticated flavors of our artisan cakes.

Baked-to-Order and Delicately Designed

Are you having a wedding with a specific aesthetic? A birthday party with a special theme? A shower with certain colors? Whatever your design needs and vision for your cake, Ciao can complete it to your specifications. Ask for the colors, features and style you’re searching for, and trust us to deliver edible art to enhance your occasion.

When you’re looking for a particular flavor or flavor combination, our pastry chef will follow through. With upscale options and customizable designs, our artisan cakes are baked to order — especially for you.

Order Specialty Cakes From Ciao! Bakery

When you need the perfect finishing touch to make your party, event or occasion special, our specialty cakes are the answer. Made with the highest-quality ingredients, expert pastry skill and impeccable edible designs, Ciao’s gourmet cakes are the best you’ve ever seen — or tasted. Order the sweetest custom cake in the Harrisburg and Hershey areas today. Contact us online for more information.