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july pasta making class

Pasta 101 With Chef Bill Collier

Saturday, July 28th 2018 from 10:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Our most popular cooking class! Chef Bill teaches the art of pasta making. This is a hands-on class with lunch included. This class is $70 plus tax and gratuity.

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Reinvent How You Do Dinner at Home With the Best Harrisburg Cooking Classes

Is your passion cooking? Do you love watching cooking shows and trying new dishes? Does treating your friends and family to your delicious home-cooked meals top your favorites list?

Maybe you’re the exact opposite and feel far from comfortable in the kitchen. Whether you’ve never cooked a complete meal, or you’ve burnt plenty of dishes, it’s time to discover how much fun and rewarding cooking can be.

Bricco offers cooking classes in Harrisburg that teach veterans and newbies alike skills that can take their cooking to the next level of delicious.

Learn From the Best at Bricco

Bricco is home to the area’s most inventive chefs. With years of experience and a passion for what they do, they turn peak-of-their-freshness ingredients into delicious dishes. When you take cooking classes at Bricco, you get insider tips from the best of the best. Our chefs work at your skill level, where you’re most comfortable, simplifying advanced techniques so you can use them at home with success.

Using the Freshest Ingredients and Most Inspired Recipes

When you take cooking classes at Bricco, you get to capitalize on the latest produce and the best artisan cheeses our area has to offer. Using locally sourced produce and intense cheese varieties, our chefs design recipes around what’s at the peak freshness.

Recipes You Can Use at Home

While Bricco’s chefs partner with local farmers and purveyors for the best seasonal products to use in their recipes, they make sure you can recreate these dishes at home, too. They’ll help you turn ingredients you can easily get from your local grocer into inspired dishes that will impress your friends and family. Your culinary creations will showcase the flavors and colors of the region while taking notes from Mediterranean and Italian classics.

Ever-Changing Menu

The cooking classes at Bricco take full advantage of what’s in season to continually update the menu. Each time you take a cooking class in Harrisburg at Bricco, you’ll be making a new, inventive dish and learning more insider tips you can take back home with you. It’s always a new experience when you take a cooking class at Bricco!

Inject Some Fun in Your Evening With Cooking Classes in Harrisburg

While we are serious about our craft and work hard to make culinary creations that inspire, we have plenty of fun doing it. When you take cooking classes in Harrisburg at Bricco, you’ll be injecting fun and laughter into your dishes. We love what we do, and it shows. When you take our cooking classes, you’ll love what you do, too.

Our cooking classes are also great for date nights. What better way to get to know someone or reconnect with your partner than by creating culinary masterpieces together? Taking a cooking class with your friends is also a fun way to spend the night together doing something new. Are you planning an upcoming bachelorette party? Give the bride the gift of some always-helpful cooking classes and a guaranteed good time.

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